TN16: TCK “Use your difference to make a difference.” Tayo Rockson – New York

Tayo is a TCK on a mission! Tayo was raised in Sweden, Burkina Faso, Nigeria (where he comes from), Vietnam and the United States. As he recognized the need to bring awareness and inspiration to the growing TCK and Global Nomad community, Tayo hosts the show as Told By Nomads, a podcast featuring interviews with global nomads, Third Culture Kids, and entrepreneurs. He is also the founder and CEO of UYD Media. UYD Media is a youth media and a digital content platform made by and for TCKs, Global Nomads and Millennials. Its purpose is to inform, inspire, entertain, and celebrate those who are “using their difference to make a difference” in today’s globally interconnected world.

tayo rockson

Tayo shares with you here in a very intimate way his experience as a TCK, what each country has brought to his rich identity, the challenges that he has been through and how he managed to deal with them and make them become his biggest strengths. He will tell you about his three principals, 3 connectors, that allow him to integrate anywhere. Tayo also shares with you how his parents supported him in his journey and who were the other influencers who helped him thrive during his childhood as a TCK.

Tayo has a really fascinating podcast show where he invites TCKs, nomads and entrepreneurs to share their experience, a podcast show with stories of global leaders. Find his podcast here. Also you will find more info on UYD Media here.

How to find Tayo:


Twitter: TayoRockson


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