TN150: Supporting social impact through a global portable business and strong partnerships – With Andrew Jernigan

In the first part of this interview Andrew Jernigan will share with you his experience as an expat partner and stay at home dad. You will discover what he learned on his journey and how he bootstrapped his first businesses to create his own source of revenue and fulfillment on the move.

Then, you will discover how he launched his latest business to not only fill a gap in the insurance market for expats, create an international business that is portable, but also make an impact by supporting an important social cause and putting it at the center of his business model.

“Don’t let your location limit you and the impact you want to make.”

Andrew Jernigan is a serial entrepreneur, husband to a global health physician/travel med doctor and father to three TCK’s. He recently relocated from the US to Brazil (again) due to his wife’s career progression. Andrew and his wife have lived and worked across four continents with the family perspective that this is their desired lifestyle. He is one of the co-founders and CEO of an insurance start-up called Insured Nomads, an international insurance company for travelers, digital nomads, and expats on the move.

Insured Nomads dedicates an important portion of its profits to fight human trafficking through its partnership with the NGO Not for Sale.

What you will learn

  • What he learned from his experience as the “trailing spouse” and stay at home dad.
  • How his business idea came to life and how he uses it to fight human trafficking.
  • How he built partnerships that allowed him to create an insurance company with a portable business model.

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