TN149: 5 steps to making yourself a priority

If you are determined to achieve your goals but often disappointed as things get out of control, this episode is for you.

In fact, for most entrepreneurs, and especially expat partners who live on the move and want to grow a successful portable business, time often flies, and things slip away.

“It will never be the right time, you need to make it the right time. “

This is usually because while they try to serve everyone else, they do not make themselves a priority, or don’t know how to make themselves a priority.

Is this you Nomad Nation?

This episode is also available in a blog format:

What You Will Learn

  • Why most people fail to get things done
  • The 5 steps to make yourself a priority
  • The most important things to know for it to work

This Episode Is Also Available In A Blog Format:

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