TN147: “Closed for holidays”- Your online business needs this!

We live in a world where most of us are constantly ON and connected.

Also, thanks to technologies, we can easily run a business while being away.

Because of these two factors, there are now very few businesses that close for holidays, especially online businesses.

There is something we can learn from the good old times when the butcher or the baker around the corner would leave a note on their door saying, “closed for holidays.”

“Even if you do not need a break, your business might need one. “

In this episode, I would like to discuss with you some of my thoughts around this topic and a decision that I have made regarding business holidays

What you will learn

  • Why business holidays are important
  • What the difference is between being on holidays and closing a business for holidays
  • What you should do if you decide to give your business a break
  • What to do if you can’t close your business completely

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