TN144: Is imposter syndrome holding you back in your business? – With Melissa Parks

Fear and lack of confidence are things that stop so many talented entrepreneurs and particularly expat partners from succeeding in business.

Melissa Parks shares her tips on how to recognize the symptoms of imposter syndrome, and how to deal with it in order to build the right mindset for success.

“You can’t get rid of imposter syndrome, but you can work with it”

Melissa Parks is a coach with her PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology. Through her company, Intentional Expat Coaching, she empowers global nomads to overcome their internal blocks in order to create authentic and fulfilling lives, wherever in the world they call home.

Originally from Seattle (USA), Melissa began her own expat journey in 2009 as a result of being rejected from PhD programs in the U.S. She decided to use this disappointment as a springboard to move abroad where she completed her PhD, began providing therapy to the expat community, and created a successful online private practice.

After spending 10 years in Europe (Madrid and Amsterdam), she recently returned to Seattle, a move motivated by her husband’s job. She’s now navigating the unique experience of her own repatriation process alongside her husband’s cultural adaptation to living in the U.S. for the first time.

In addition to coaching, Melissa also helps other professionals trained as therapists to build, or grow, their own location independent companies. She’s also trained to teach the international, evidence-based Mindful Self-Compassion (MSC) program and is passionate about introducing others to the tools of mindfulness and self-compassion for cultivating emotional resilience.

What you will learn

  • What imposter syndrome is and how to detect its symptoms
  • Why expat partners who are entrepreneurs may be more at risk for experiencing it
  • How to deal with the imposter syndrome and build confidence to succeed in business

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