TN140: How to turn a counseling practice into a successful portable business – With Dr. Sonia Jaeger

Psychologists and psychotherapists are one of those professions that are subject to many regulations and restrictions, no matter in which country they live or come from. Therefore, it often happens that expat partners with such background decide to completely give up their career as counselors or to turn it into a coaching business.

“Psychologists should look at their practice as a real business”

In this episode, we will see how Dr. Sonia Jaeger managed to turn around those challenges to grow her practice online and make it a successful portable business.

Dr Sonia Jaeger is a German-French psychologist, psychotherapist and PhD, she has been living a location independent life as a digital nomad for the past four years while working as an online therapist, providing online counseling to expats and other globally mobile clients in German, French and English.

Growing up with two languages and cultures herself she experienced the challenges and advantages of cross-cultural life from an early age.

After finishing her PhD she decided to take a break and travel the world. However, instead of returning home afterwards she decided to open a private counseling practice online and has been traveling the world ever since. In 2018 alone she went to (and worked from) 12 different countries, from Australia, to Europe all the way to Latin America.

Dr Sonia also mentors other psychotherapists who want to work online and facilitates workshops that broach the issues of mental health while living globally.

What you will learn

  • What makes counseling practices different from other portable businesses
  • How to address those challenges effectively to build a sustainable online practice
  • What strategies can help counselors grow their business online and be find patients online

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