TN14: Why and how to build a back up (expat) life plan – With Rachel Yates.

It tends to be much more complicated for serial expats to have visibility and make long term plans for their life and their family (estate, retirement, college fund…etc.). Also, in certain cases, expat partners end up in a very vulnerable situation when unexpected life events happen as they often depend on their spouses (financially, administratively, legally and more). Therefore, it is very important to prevent these situations by planning ahead our expat lives to fully enjoy the journey and assure the best outcomes to all the members of the family. 

In this episode, Rachel Yates shares with you her great insights on how to build your back up (expat) life plan. 

Rachel Yates was an expat partner for 14 years, during those years she moved to 3 countries in three different continents (UK, Kenya, US). Today she lives in California. Rachel is a writer, trainer, speaker and founder of The Expat Life Line. She combines her personal and professional experience to design life planning and organization systems and resources for globally mobile individuals and families. She is also the co-another of Finding Home Abroad: A Guided Journal for Adapting to Life Overseas, and the creator of the Global Girl’s Guide to Creating a Back Up Plan.

rachel yates

These are the 3 major aspects of planning your expat life for the long term that were discussed in this episode:

  • The mindset aspect.
  • The financial aspect.
  • The legal aspect.

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