TN 134: How starting my business made me a better mom – With Emily Rogers

If you wonder what it takes to start your own portable business, or if you doubt if you can do it, this episode is for you!

Emily Rogers will share with you how she found her business idea, tested it, launched it, and learned from her clients to keep growing it, all of this in just one year!

“I asked myself what kind of role model do I want to be for my daughters.”

But there is another bonus she did not expect from starting her business, which is how it allowed her to grow personally, as a woman and as a mom.

In this episode, Emily will share how starting her business changed her. You will also hear some of the surprising conversations that her business has led her to have with her daughters, and how she changed the way she communicates with them thanks to that.

Emily Rogers comes from Australia and has been living overseas for 20 years. She met her husband in New Zealand while working in hotel management. She had then shifted her career becoming an HR manager for Greater China in a professional services firm.

A career she had to put on hold as her husband’s job took them to Hong Kong, Mumbai (where their first daughter was born), New Delhi (where their second daughter was born), Chongqing, Taipei and now New Zealand.

While raising her daughters on the move, Emily got involved in the field of leadership and capacity development as a Senior Action Learning Coach with the World Institute for Action Learning. She also volunteered in her daughters’ schools and various NGOs.

However, as her daughters grew and she had more time for herself, Emily realized that she wanted something more and wanted to make a bigger impact. That is when she joined the Business Idea Accelerator program and found the right business idea for her.

In just under one year, Emily managed to launch her business called Expat Parenting Abroad and got her first clients while testing her innovative business concept. Expat Parenting Abroad provides support groups for expat moms in a very different way than anything else that exists on the market, she also provides individual coaching services.

What you will learn

  • What helped her find her business idea
  • What did she learn while starting and growing her business
  • Why does she say that this experience changed her as a mom

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