TN133: Stop trying to reinvent yourself, do this instead!

Loss of identity, loss of confidence, feeling guilty of wanting more, wondering what to do in order to find a source of fulfillment and revenue while living on the move… These are some of the common challenges that expat spouses experience as they try to continue to build their career while supporting their partners’ career and taking care of the family through multiple transitions.

The most common advice to expat spouses often involves the term “reinvention”! A lot of expat spouses are in fact encouraged to reinvent themselves: get new degrees, learn more languages, volunteer and venture into new fields or even take jobs that are underqualified for them.

“Finding sense of stability and purpose on the move cannot happen if expat spouses have to reinvent themselves after each move!”

Let’s put the spotlight on this big mistake of thinking that we should reinvent each time “who we are” professionally (or even personally) in order to build a career abroad. In fact, that will only lead to more frustrations, disappointments and exhaustion after trying to start from scratch again and again.

“You do not need to start from scratch in order to build your own source of sustainable and portable income!”

In this episode, we will discuss how to take a simple new approach to tackle the dual career challenges and discover how to build “your own thing”, a portable career that truly fits to WHO you really WANT to BE and WHAT you really WANT to DO, despite all the frequent moves.


What you will learn

  • Why it is time to stop talking of “reinvention”
  • What are expat spouses common career challenges
  • What question needs to be answered instead of how to reinvent yourself

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