TN132: Keeping up with your goals while living on the move

It is already quite difficult to keep up with our goals and grow our businesses when life is so busy, but it can get even more complicated when living abroad and moving from one country to another.

Mariam Ottimofiore shares how she managed to commit to her goal, finish, publish and promote her book while going through a messy transition and moving with her family from Dubai (UAE) to Accra (Ghana).

“I had to finish this, I owed it to myself!”

Mariam Ottimofiore is a Pakistani expat who has spent the past 17 years living abroad in the US, UK, Germany, Denmark, Singapore, UAE and Ghana. She is an economist, writer, researcher, author and blogger at ‘And Then We Moved To’ in which she explores expat life, raising multicultural and multilingual children, and world travel. Her newly published book ‘This Messy Mobile Life; How a MOLA can help globally mobile families create a life by design’ (Summertime Publishing 2019) is the first book in the expat genre that ties in multiculturalism, multilingualism and mobility to equip international families to navigate the complex challenges they face as a modern family. Find her contacts below!

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What you will learn

  • What was the first step Mariam took before tackling her goal
  • What are the challenges she had to deal with during the move
  • What helped her not give up despite the challenges

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