TN130: What can expat spouses learn from digital nomads – With Katharina von Knobloch

What are the differences between being a digital nomad and running a portable business, especially as an expat spouse?

What can expat spouses learn from how digital nomads run their career and businesses on the move?

You will discover in this episode some surprising differences but also important learning lessons from digital nomads to expat spouses who want to build a portable career.

To discuss this topic, I invited Katharina Von Knobloch who ran an interesting survey to understand the difference between digital nomads and expat partners.  You will discover some very surprising facts!

“Why is the media so positive when covering digital nomads and so negative when it comes to expat partners’ career?”

Katharina von Knobloch is an Expat Partner Coach helping women in transition around the world. She is on a mission to empower relocating spouses to find their own professional identity. As an expat partner herself, she has lived and worked in five different countries and has used her own experiences in combination with her coaching education and research in the field of expatriate management to make the modern challenges of expat partners more transparent. She also has a blog called Share the Love. She is originally from Germany but currently located in the United States.

The “gig economy” is said to be the future of work and traditional careers paths are replaced by new work and lifestyle models.

The rise of digital nomads across the world is a sign of these new trends that are happening today and already widely common.

Digital Nomad

What you will learn

  • What are the surprising findings from Katharina’s survey
  • What are the differences between digital nomads and global nomads (expats in general and expat spouses building a portable business in particular)
  • What can expat partners learn from digital nomads

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