TN124: Expat partners are not taken seriously – This is how it can change – Alix Carnot

Expat spouses and their dual career challenges are not taken seriously by companies and regulators. This has to change!

One of the major reasons comes from the fact that there are not enough market studies and data on the expat population in general and expat partners in particular.

In fact, in order to advocate for better support and better regulations that will allow expat spouses to build their own safety net on the move and create their own sustainable careers and businesses, we need more data to show the decisions makers why it matters.

“The only way to avoid bias and be taken seriously was to get real data and professional analysis”

With Alix Carnot, we discuss how she and her team are tackling this issue and how you can contribute to help change this situation!

Alix Carnot comes from France where she graduated from the prestigious schools of Sciences Po and HEC.  She built a successful career in one the biggest French electrical companies before moving abroad with her husband. After eight relocations, Alix experienced the major challenges “trailing spouses” face as they work to continue their careers and build their own source of fulfillment and sustainable revenue.

A book was born out of this adventure: “Cheri(e) on S’expatrie” (Eyrolles 2016), which means in French “Honey, let’s go abroad”. Today, Alix is joint-partner of Expat Communication and passionately leads the Expat Intelligence and International Careers departments of the company.

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What you will learn

  • Why the expat spouses dual career challenges are not taken seriously
  • What needs to happen to make this change
  • Why is data and market intelligence important
  • How you can contribute to advocate for expat spouses support

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