TN118: How to sell more books and grow your audience! – With Lisa Ferland

If you are a published author and you’re struggling to increase your book sales, or if you are considering writing a book, this episode is for you!

If you never thought of publishing your book, know that this episode is also for you; publishing and selling books can be a very rewarding experience but also a fantastic way to gain credibility in your field.

However, as much as technology has made it easier to publish and promote a book, making revenue out of books sales can be quite challenging.

“Don’t try to crowdfund before you have a crowd”

In this episode, Lisa Ferland and I will help you figure out what you need to do before, during and after you launch your book in order to grow your sales.

Lisa Ferland helps indie authors crowdfund their books on Kickstarter and IndieGoGo and self-publish their books with style.

Lisa is American living in Sweden where she moved with her husband and started her family. Her background is in public health consulting but during her journey in Sweden she developed her expertise in writing and publishing books. She is the co-author and publisher of her first book Knocked Up Abroad, an anthology of global moms and dads’ experience with birth and parenting across the world. The success of her first book has led her to launch her second one, Knocked Up Aboard Again. This time she had the creative idea to finance the publishing of the book through a crowdfunding campaign, using the platform of Kickstarter.

Since then, she has launched her consulting service for authors who wish to self-publish and crowdfund their book. You can find all her great insights and free tips on

What you will learn

  • What is the difference between publishing and self-publishing
  • What are they key strategies before you launch your book
  • What you need to do during a book promotion
  • How to keep a book relevant in the long run
  • How to get more reviews and ask for reviews in an effective way
  • What numbers to track to grow sales
  • How to use free book sales on Amazon Free Days
  • How to connect with your readers in a meaningful way via Goodreads

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