TN107: The magic formula to sell anything without being pushy

It is not always easy to know what to say or write when reaching out to a potential client or partner.

Let’s for example say that you want a potential client or partner to accept a meeting with you, feature you on a podcast show, invite you to speak at a conference or simply buy your product or your service.

How many times have you been stuck wondering what to write when trying to convince someone to work with you?

“Selling is about knowing the real needs of your clients”

In this episode, I share with you the magical formula that you can use every time you want to convince someone about something that is in both of your interest.

Do you want to find more practical examples of how to use this formula?

Click here to read the detailed blog post. 

What you will learn in this episode

  • What is important to know before starting to approach someone to sell something?
  • How does this formula work?
  • How to not be pushy when selling something or trying to convince someone.
  • What are some examples where this formula can be helpful?

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Take action now

  • Answer the question in the comment section: For what situation will you use this formula?
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