TN104: The mindset shifts you need to be paid your worth and do what you love – Fabio Palvelli

Fabio Palvelli is an entrepreneur, founder of the D2 Conference, one of the biggest gatherings of 3D designers and artists in the world and a youtube star in his field. Fabio is also an expat spouse who has been growing his business while moving across three countries for his wife’s job.

His journey started with a blog that he initiated after one of his trainers told him that he “was dreaming in 3D” and that his ideas were not feasible.

In this interview he shares with you his fascinating journey and how he continuously grew his portable business one year after the other.

What you will learn

  • About his journey as an expat spouse building a portable career on the move.
  • How he managed to go from teaching small workshops with 15 people to attracting over 400 people in his conferences.
  • What triggered him to start his YouTube channel and get the online success he has today.
  • His tips for consultants and designers to get paid before even showing any work.
  • His message for stay-at-home moms who think they do not have any skills anymore.

“The money isn’t really the objective anymore. Money is the fuel that you put in a car, the car being your company. The goal of having a company is to go somewhere. It’s not to put gas in the car.” – Fabio Palvelli –

Highlights from the episode

  • How Fabio transitioned his business online (04min:14secs)
  • What you need to do in order to monetize whatever it is that you’re doing (06min:16secs)
  • Think about what problem you really, really want to solve (10min:10secs)
  • My focus was on the result. Money was not an objective (12min:19secs)
  • The journey with your partner and your agreement to do it (16min:31secs)
  • The difference between an idea and the acquisition of the idea is tuition itself (23min:03secs)
  • Perfection is the enemy of productivity. Productivity is the enemy of good (23min:42secs)
  • Put your idea out there and see the reaction (28min:21secs)
  • Set expectations before you get a contract signed (35min:14secs)
  • The process of going from that place to where you think is actually a lot longer (39min:44secs)
  • Don’t think of yourself as the stay at home mum (41min:44secs)

Resources and inspiration

Here are some great tips from Fabio:

  • What to do when clients keep asking for changes! Click here
  • How to make money doing what you love. Click here

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