TN103: Demystifying marketing with 4 simple questions to attract clients

When starting to plan your business, marketing and sales are usually one of the first things you have to think about. But it can feel overwhelming when trying to learn and implement all the different marketing strategies to attract clients and customers. There’s social media, website design, SEO, networking, newsletters, public speaking, PR… it’s a lot that can be out of your comfort zone and be completely foreign to you.

But marketing and sales are not that complicated. There’s a way to simplify! By answering 4 simple questions, I will help you demystify it all and get you on the right track.

Four Questions to Demystify Marketing and Attract Clients

What you will learn in this episode:

  • The four questions you need to answer to demystify marketing and grow your portable business
  • How to be specific and create a client avatar
  • How to start market research and use it in your business

“Spend more time listening than selling!”

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Highlights from the episode

  • Defining your ideal client (3min:07sec)
  • Knowing how to find ideal client (4min:33sec)
  • Converting prospects into customers (4min:51sec)
  • The importance of market research (5min:05sec)
  • Keeping customers happy and satisfied (7min:53sec)
  • How many marketing strategies to focus on (9min:36sec)

“If you want to reach everybody you will reach nobody!”


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