TN101: 3 mistakes to avoid when planning a business abroad

If you’ve already moved around from one country to another, you know planning for the move is critical. But one thing that is important is to think beyond the move. Oftentimes, one move often leads to another. You won’t want to be stuck having to start all over again when the next move comes. When that happens, expat partners and global nomads often make the same mistakes when planning their business abroad.

Avoid risky mistakes when building your portable business

What you will learn in this episode:

  • My 60/40 rule to build a successful business
  • How to avoid the major mistakes I often see expat partners and global nomads make
  • How a portable skill doesn’t mean you have a portable business

“Planning ahead for your next move is important, but thinking long term is even more critical.”

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Highlights from the episode

  • Why thinking locally when it comes to your business can hold you back
  • Difference between portable skill with a portable business
  • The power of building virtual relationships with online tools
  • My golden rule to make your business truly portable, sustainable and profitable on the move

“Your zone of growth is outside your comfort zone”


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