TN100: Voices & learning lessons from around the world!

We’re celebrating the 100th episode! 100 is such a big milestone and we should celebrate all our milestones in our business, big and small. So let’s celebrate together with this voice party.

This episode isn’t just about the podcast but it’s about you, the listeners. I am so grateful to have met such caring people in the Tandem Nomads community and thank you for being here. Tandem Nomads wouldn’t exist without you and it’s such a privilege for me to serve you.

“Without sense of caring there can be no sense of community” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

I am truly humbled and filled with joy by all the messages I’ve received from listeners and past guests of Tandem Nomads. In this episode, you’ll hear from 20 expat partners, spanning the globe from Taipei to Stockholm. You’ll hear from coaches, app developers, website founders and portable business owners who share what they have learned from listening to the podcast.

In this episode they talk about:

  • Their highlights from the 3 past years
  • Their challenges and the lessons they’ve learned and want to share with you
  • Their main insight from Tandem Nomads podcast and resources

A big thank you to those who shared their insights and incredible support! Each of you truly cares about making an impact while thriving in your businesses. Never stop caring like you do and keep sharing your special gifts with the world!

Find out more about the diverse voices you hear in this episode below.

Then, TAKE ACTION! Pick AT LEAST one of the guests to connect with.  Tell them how you were inspired by their words today. 

Claudia Koerbler

3-Claudia Koerbler

Clara Brachet

5-Clara Brachet

Sundae Bean

expat coach, life coach, career coach, living abroad, expat abroad, trailing spouse, expat spouse, expat partner.

Stephanie Ward

10-Stephanie Ward

Sandra Glück-Taglieber

11-Sandra Glück-Taglieber

Saliha Khamum

12-Saliha Khamum

Julia Dieguez

14-Julia Dieguez

Olivier Caudron

15-Olivier Caudron

Nicole Blythe

16-Nicole Blythe

Daniela Tomer


Carolyn Parse Rizzo

18-Carolyn Parse Rizzo

Gertraud Eregger

19-Gertraud Schaffer

Pari Namazie

20-Pari Namazi

Did one of these guests inspire you? Take action and connect with him or her.

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