TN1: Don’t be a lonely fish in a bowl! Nicholla Henderson Hall – Abu Dhabi.

Nicholla is originally from the UK, she is a Third Culture Child (TCK) raised in the UAE. She lived all her life in expatriation. As an expat partner she moved to Oman and currently lives in Abu Dhabi with her husband and her daughter.

Her keen interest in business start-up, social media, business support and podcasting has been brought together under ‘The Learning Curve Podcast’ so she can connect with and share the stories of women entrepreneurs from the region with those around the globe.

After a career in marketing and franchising, Nicholla started her podcast career in radio back in 2011.  She hosted a radio show in Muscat, Oman on Merge 104.8 called ‘Mums on Monday’ which was a weekly morning show covering mother and child related topics for Muscat.  Nicholla left the show in the summer 2013 because she was moving back to the United Arab Emirates with her husband’s job.

Nicholla is also the found and the main administrator of several Facebook groups designed to provide all sorts of information to expats living in:

 * Click on each city to find the Facebook group. 

Glimpse on some of Nicholla’s great insights:

  • How to create your own path as an expat partner.
  • How to build the right mindset for change.
  • How to prepare for a relocation and find information.
  • How to connect with people in an unknown country.

Nicholla’s habits in relocation:

  • Exercising!

Nicholla’s recommended online ressources:

Find Nicholla Henderson Hall:

Help your expat friends who might need inspiration to turn the challenges of relocation into great opportunities for them.

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