TN 41: Kirsten de Greling – Visman, expat partner in Zambia.

Kirsten de Greling-Visman is Dutch Canadian raised as an expat child across the Netherlands, Canada, the Dutch Antilles, the US, France and Spain. Kirsten then settled and built her career in the Netherlands as a program manager and career advisor in Universities. In 2007, although she was offered three major positions by various universities, she took the decision to leave her promising career to join her French-finish fiancé who was sent to Albania for his job. Since then they had 2 boys and have been moving across Africa to Cameroon, Burkina Faso and now they live in Zambia.

While moving from a country to another, Kirsten has been able to take few job assignments but also trained to become a certified coach. Today she is a career coach, helping expat partners redefine their identity, rediscover their passion and reconnect to a life and career they love.

Glimpse on Kirsten’s insights:

  • What is happening in Zambia, what are the riots about and how she is experiencing it.
  • What she did after going through a hard time finding her sense of fulfillment when she moved the first time as an expat spouse in Albania.
  • Why living in Africa brings her bigger opportunities than living in Europe.
  • How social media and internet are helping her expand her business and grow.

Kirsten’s book recommendation:

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