TN 139: The one thing than men do better than women

When discussing women empowerment and men vs women equality, the conversation often turns around what can we do to change the regulations and how can men step up to allow more opportunities for women.

While it is an extremely important conversation to have, I also want to open the discussion to what is possible NOW and what is between the hands of women to improve their chances to succeed in their careers and business.

“Don’t expect your partner to guess your needs”

I was honored once to be interviewed on a South Korean radio show hosted by Daniel Shin, on the Busan English Broadcasting station, Befm. During this interview I was asked to share my insights on the topic.

My first thought was coming from comparing spontaneously what men and women often do differently, especially when they have a family. I noticed that there is one thing that men tend to do better than women regarding their careers.

What you will learn

  • What is important for women to know when building their support system
  • How to prepare a career relaunch when taking a break to take care of the family
  • What are some of the interesting facts about the city of Busan in South Korea

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