TN 137: 15 portable business ideas that are not coaching businesses

Do you want to build a portable business but you do not want to be a coach?

In this episode, you will realize that it is possible to grow a successful portable business without having to become a coach.

“You do not need to be a coach to develop a successful portable business idea”

I will share with you 15 inspiring business ideas that are portable.

You will also get some ideas of business models that are scalable beyond your own time and physical presence.

The founders of these businesses have all been interviewed on Tandem Nomads or are members of the community. Also, most of them are expat spouses!

These business ideas are divided in 4 categories:

  • Portable business ideas derived from coaching or consulting
  • Portable business ideas with startups using technology
  • Portable business ideas with a physical component
  • Portable business ideas with innovative and creative business models

This episode is also available in a blog format:

What you will learn

  • Why is it nowadays possible to develop a portable business that is not related to coaching
  • What are these 15 business ideas and why are they unique

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