TN85: Tandem Nomads Turns 2! What I’ve Learned from the Highs and Lows – Amel Derragui

What a special honor it is to be able to celebrate the second anniversary of Tandem Nomads with you!

I am so grateful to all of you who have been here since the start and those who have just joined our community.  In this episode, I share my journey of the past two years in the most transparent and authentic way I can.

It’s also important to me that I also bring you as many insights as possible so that I can help you in growing your own portable business.

Highlights from this episode:

  • Why and how I started Tandem Nomads
  • How Tandem Nomads evolved throughout the past two years
  • The highlights of these two years and what made them happen
  • The challenges I experienced and what I’ve learned from some of the failures and difficult moments
  • What the next steps are for Tandem Nomads and how will you benefit from it

Lessons Learned in this episode and how to apply them to your business:

  • How to define if there is a market for your business and get your first clients
  • How to build relationships and a community around your business
  • How to make strategic decisions and make the necessary tradeoffs to take your business to the next level
  • What techniques you can use to get free exposure and public relations (PR)
  • How to delegate and work with a virtual team
  • What to do when you can’t reach your goals
  • How to deal with time and work/life balance
  • How to build your support system

For those of you who want to know more about me and Tandem Nomads:

I am a business and marketing coach, a speaker and the founder of Tandem Nomads.

My entrepreneurial journey started when I gave up my career in advertising to travel with my husband for his job assignments abroad. I launched my portable consulting business in marketing and branding and provided strategic solutions to various clients in major industries across three continents.

Six years later, discovering a real need for career support among expat spouses, I founded Tandem Nomads, a podcast show and online platform where expat partners find inspiration and advice to build a portable business.

Since then, Tandem Nomads has been featured in various media such as Forbes Magazine, Global Living Magazine, and The Immigrant Entrepreneur. I have been speaking about marketing and entrepreneurship at Tandem Nomads conferences, as well as various events such as the Families in Global Transition conferences, the World Bank, IMF and IDB family network conference.

I provide training and one-to-one marketing coaching to expat spouses who want to build a portable business or struggle to grow a profitable business.

You can reach out to me via email: I am looking forward to connecting with you!


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Leave a comment below and let me know what you thought of this episode. What key takeaways have you learned that you will apply to your nomadic life and portable business?

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