TN94: How to Find the Right Business Idea for You

Do you want to create something for yourself but you don’t know what? Do you have a business idea or two but aren’t sure if they’re the right ones for you or where to start?  This is a special episode where I share the first two steps of the 10 step process.  Sundae Bean and I have created this framework to help you find the business idea that fits your dreams, needs, and lifestyle.

A business really needs to be aligned with your life vision, values, purpose and lifestyle. If you don’t have a clear idea about it, then make sure to work on clarifying these elements first!  Starting a business can be very demanding.  Therefore, you need to make sure to build the right routines and systems to make it happen.  Be aware of the other obligations you might have in your life and how the business can impact your desired lifestyle.

“Purpose is not a needle in a haystack that you have to find” – Sundae Bean

For example, as expat partners or global nomads, it’s important to build a business model that’s portable.  A business that allows you to run it from wherever you are and provides you the time and flexibility you need while living on the move.  We want to help you build a portable career and avoid spending time, money and energy into a business that is locally implanted.  A local business that you’ll have to leave behind when you move again.

That’s why I joined forces with Sundae Bean to bring you a framework and advice on how to find the right business idea for you.  We are passionate about making sure you get off on the right path in turning the challenges of living overseas into opportunities.

“Think about the problem you solve and make it the mission and purpose of your business” – Amel Derragui

Find the Right Business Idea with our 10-step Framework

In this episode you will learn:

  • What are the two first important steps to find the right business idea for you
  • What are the questions you need to answer to figure out what you really want for yourself
  • Why starting a business can be a great solution to build something meaningful, portable and profitable
  • How to debunk the myths around entrepreneurship
  • How to take action after this episode and make it happen for you!

Highlights from the episode

  • Why this webinar is right for you (04min:41sec)
  • My background and why I started Tandem Nomads (06min:15sec)
  • Sundae’s background and how she started her portable business (08min:56sec)
  • The image of entrepreneur and what images come to mind (12min:23sec)
  • Deep dive into the first foundational step (17min:44sec)
  • The questions you need to ask yourself (21min:14sec)
  • Deep site into Step 2 of our 10 step process (24min:53sec)
  • The types of portable businesses to consider (27min:14sec) 
  • Why online business isn’t necessarily a portable business (31min:39sec)
  • The technique you need to find your next business idea (33min:41sec)



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