(Replay) TN34: How to answer the question “What do you do?”- Stephanie Ward

One of the toughest question for expat spouses to answer: “What do you do?”

However, whether you have a job, a business or are still looking for your way, this is a crucial question to learn how to answer.

In order to bring you some excellent advice, I brought you one of the best marketer and networker I know, Stephanie Ward!

I recorded this interview with her when I had just started the podcast show. It is really fun and interesting to see how things evolved since for me and Tandem Nomads!

However, Stephanie’s advice and this topic are timeless! This is why I want to make sure to bring it to you again.

Stephanie Ward, from Firefly Coaching is a Business and Marketing Mentor and passionate about igniting small businesses success.

She shares with you some great applicable tips to answer the question “what do you do?” in a comprehensive and memorable way that fits to your personal or professional situation.

Highlights from this episode

  • How to answer the question in an interesting and attractive way
  • How to answer the question “what brought you here?” when you don’t want to start a conversation mentioning the job assignment of your spouse
  • How to make sure that people reach out to you if they need you or your services
  • How to start a conversation when networking
  • How to be a good networker and connector

“Instead of trying to be interesting, be interested!”

Stephanie’s book recommendation:

Stephanie’s online resource:

  • Evernote – Get organized, Work Smarter, Remember everything

Find Stephanie Ward:

Additionally to this episode, you can find more insights from Stephanie on this topic via this great blog post: The right way to say what is it that you do.

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