[Refresh Series] The ultimate guide to growing your audience with a podcast

Podcasts are all the craze these days, but what is the buzz really about? 

Whether you aren’t sure about podcasting or don’t know where to start, this guide will provide you with all the information you need from the benefits of podcasts to how to produce one on your own. 

Speaking of benefits, did you know podcasts can: 

  • Introduce your brand to new audiences 
  • Build relationships with other businesses and customers 
  • Establish a strong brand identity 

Podcasting is an amazing way to connect and build an authentic relationship with your audience.  

Regina Larko, is an #impactmaker, Podcaster, TEDx speaker, hopeless Optimist and proud Mum of 3. She is passionate about helping others take advantage of their voice to drive positive change. Regina established her authority in the podcasting world being named, “10 Women who are shaping Hong Kong for the better” and “10 Women who are changing the future of impact in Asia”.  

She has not only made her way to the top 5% of 3 million podcast globally, but she also spends her time mentoring aspiring podcasters through her program called, ‘Start Your Podcast’ which provides the tools to carve a path for podcasting success. 

What You Will Learn

  • How to reflect on your podcast goals before you start
  • What the key production elements are that you need to consider
  • What will allow you to get exposure and grow your audience

Resources and inspiration:


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