TN78: How to build a powerful community and lead it to the next level – Naomi Hattaway

Building a powerful community and tribe around your cause or business can be a great way to grow rapidly, find people to support you, generate revenue while serving the needs of the community.

This episode will be a true inspiration if you are looking to build or grow your own community! Naomi Hattaway, a great tribe leader who shares with us all her secrets.

Naomi Hattaway is the founder of the I Am A Triangle (IAAT) community that counts over 15,000 members (at the time we publish this episode) and a high engagement level of over 60%.  She shares with us her journey and tips to build a community.  Listen to her advice on how to be a tribe leader that serves the community and how to take it to the next level.

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Naomi Hattaway was one of the first guests on the Tandem Nomads podcast show.  Back then, I Am A Triangle was about 3000 members! In episode 8, Naomi shared her personal experience as an expat spouse and her search for the “meaning of home.”  That search led her to write the infamous blog post and kick-started the creation of the group.

After living in several locations in the United States, she and her family were sent to Delhi, India for her husband’s job. There, she started blogging and providing support to those moving to India. Naomi and her family then moved to Singapore and left after a year back to the United States. She lives there now where she continues to grow a successful real estate business.

The movement I am A Triangle started when one of her blog posts went viral (click her to read this blog post).  It strongly resonated with people who travel the world and struggle to define their meaning of home. And with those who struggle feeling at home when they move back to their home countries.

The article prompted the creation of the I Am A Triangle group, an incredible online group of people who support each other with this struggle.

The community of triangles keeps growing every day with hundreds of new members. What was initially a simple Facebook group is now growing into its own amazing online platform providing a great range of resources for global nomads.

Highlights from this episode

  • How Naomi started blogging, building an audience and created the community I am A Triangle
  • How her blog post went viral and what she did next
  • The motivations that led her to create the Facebook group
  • How she created engagement and encouraged members to exchange with each other
  • The challenges she needs to deal with as a community leader and how she overcomes them
  • How to moderate the group and adjust its rules over time
  • How to get people to volunteer to help with the community management
  • How to manage people who want to advertise and sell in a group
  • How to turn advertising into an innovative and really useful solution for the community
  • How and why she moved from Facebook group to an independent platform for the community
  • How to deal with resistance to change from the community
  • How to deal with those who want to copy what you do
  • What technology she used to create the new IAAT platform
  • How to monetize to cover costs and time
  • How to generate revenue while protecting the community from just becoming an overwhelming advertising space

Naomi’s Book Recommendations

Naomi’s Online Resources

  • Mighty Networks – App to create and host a community
  • Grytics – Manage Facebook group analytics and marketing

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