TN96: What to know about GDPR and how it affects your portable business

Have you heard the internet buzzing about GDPR and privacy protection?  GDPR stands for the General Data Protection Regulation and it goes into effect on May 25, 2018.  Whether you’ve started a business or even if you’re just thinking about it, this is something you need to know about.  And I’ve brought in an expert to explain in plain language how GDPR affects your portable business and what actions you need to take to follow this law.

Before you start listening, grab the free download below, and follow along with this episode.  You’ll want to take notes on what to do to protect yourself and your customer’s data.

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Manja Costermans has almost 20 years of international marketing experience and has lived in Japan, Germany, US, and Ireland as an expat spouse.  She was able to continue her career in the corporate world until she arrived in Dublin and wanted something more for herself.  So she set up her own portable marketing consulting business and Blue Eyes Marketing was created.  Manja understood she needed to find a niche, a special edge to make her business stand out.  That’s why she got training in GDPR and as a Data Protection Officer and is now sharing her knowledge to ensure other portable businesses understand this law.

Why you need to pay attention to GDPR

This episode is full of important information for all business, especially portable ones.  In this episode you will learn:

  • What is GDPR & who is concerns
  • What does it mean for small business owners
  • How can you implement GDPR on a practical level (not just in theory)
  • How are email marketing and CRM companies complying and providing info to the users

“GDPR might hit the size of your audience but it is also the opportunity to create deeper relationships”

Highlights from the episode

  • How Manja found her niche in the GDPR and started her business (04min:55sec)
  • Quick introductions to GDPR (08min:22sec)
  • Examples of data breaches (14min:42sec)
  • The extra rights that individual now have under the GDPR (17min:29sec)
  • The four reasons you can process data (21min:37sec)
  • A practical example of how to use a free download in collecting emails  (25min:52sec)
  • The marketing tools that comply with GDPR  (31min:56sec)
  • Why this is a great step for internet businesses  (35min:30sec)

“If you care about your audience and your clients, you care about their data protection.”

Take Action Right Now

  1. Download the free guide to GDPR and your portable business
  2. Visit the resources below for more information
  3. Use the Tandem Nomads Facebook Group to ask any questions and see how other entrepreneurs are making the changes in their business

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