Balancing family, moves and career.

I love this quote from a previous guest on Tandem Nomads, Rachel Yates, who says "expat wives don't give up work, they give up a salary."

Most expat partners take on some major responsibilities in their household that could be considered as a full time job, but they rarely get any credit for it.

Also, every time they move to a new country they first focus all their energy on getting their home organized, their basic and social needs covered, their family settled and making sure that everybody is happy. By the time they can finally take care of themselves and focus on their career, it is often already time to leave again.

Does that sound familiar to you?

As there will never be an ideal moment to start focusing on your career, it is crucial to actually make the time for it!

I know it is easier said that done. However, there are solutions!

Click here to discover some great tips on how to balance family and career in the latest podcast episodes.
In fact, most expat partners that share their insights on Tandem Nomads' podcast show did indeed manage to build a successful career or business while taking care of their families.

Have you listened to the two past podcast episodes, #63 and #61?

If not, please do! You will find some great advice to find ways to make time for your career, so click here now!

In fact, on last week's episode #63, Maryam Ahmad Afnan, a teacher, trainer and author, shared how she managed to reinvent her career while moving from a country to another despite the fact that she was sometimes not aloud to work, and had two young kids to take care of. But if you had to remember one thing from all her great insights, it is this one:

"Involve your partner and your kids in your career reinvention, make sure that they help you make the time for it".

Also, in order to make this happen, she gives some interesting resources to learn how to communicate and express your needs to your family in an engaging way.

On top of that, in the episode #61, you will discover a great solution to build a flexible career that fits to your busy life style, it is to develop your online freelance services!

I invited an expert in freelancing, Emily McGee, to share with you step by step how to create a freelance business. As she said in this interview:

"I found freelancing such a great way to take care of my kids, be flexible with my time and build my own identity beyond my husband's position".

Don't wait any longer, find out how you can become a freelance and sell your services online, click here!


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