You are killing your business when you focus on this

Client rejections

Do you find yourself often worrying or being really upset about a client’s rejection, or feeling disheartened when people unsubscribe from your mailing list?

There’s no need to sugarcoat the truth: when this happens, it is NOT fun. However, there’s no need for this! If you’re living in fear of rejection and planning your actions around this fear, it’s time to stop. This mindset isn’t just unnecessary; it’s dangerous, and it can undo the hard work you’ve already done in order to get this far.

During my experience as a salesperson many years ago, I often face negative feelings when clients and potential buyers would say no to what I had to offer. But whenever this happened, I learned a little bit more about how to bounce back and use the rejection to my advantage. Most important, I learned that focusing too much on the rejection and allowing it to bring me down did not help at all, and the faster I put my discouragement behind me, the more I would excel.

For more details on these tips: listen to the podcast episode here.

Why focusing on rejection will kill your business

  • It is a waste time

When you focus on pursuing clients who will never buy your product, you ignore the ones who will be more receptive, and you extend the time it takes to achieve every sale.

  • It is a waste of energy

Every small success brings a boost to your mood, motivation and productivity. But the opposite is also true; every small negative event can chip away at your energy and engagement, if you let it.

  • It is a waste of money

Time and motivation both come with dollar signs, and the more time and energy you burn, the less money you will make!

How to deal with rejection and get more clients

  • Every no is one step closer to a yes

Don’t waste your time with clients who are not interested! In fact, you should be the one helping them say “No” as soon as possible if they are nor interested or won’t make a move fast enough. The more time you spend with unqualified prospects, the less time you will have to spend reaching out to the right clients!

Also, use rejection as an opportunity to learn from the clients who say no and why it is not a fit, instead of pushing them to buy.

  •  Since you can’t control everything, focus on the things you CAN control.

You can’t control who will buy from you but you can control:

    • The number of people you reach out to
    • The consistency of your marketing efforts (networking, content etc) 
    • Growing your mailing list 
  •  Conversion 

What matters is conversion! Keeping unqualified prospects will reduce your conversion rate! Focus on reaching on fewer prospects but also making sure those prospects are qualified leads and are highly engaged with the problem you solve and the offer you have. 

For more details on these tips: listen to the podcast episode here.