How to get unstuck from Analysis Paralysis in your business

Have you been thinking of starting your business, launching something new in your business or completely pivoting your business, but feel like it’s been a while now and everything is dragging on?

If that is you, you might be stuck in “Analysis-Paralysis mode”. It’s one of the biggest challenges that solo entrepreneurs struggle with, but can be avoided.

I’ve put together some tips to help you to identify the signs of analysis paralysis to avoid getting stuck in this phase, plus some ways to get out of it in case you’re there already!

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First let’s understand what we’re talking about.


Analysis paralysis is when we get stuck in overthinking and over-analyzing a decision to the point where we can’t make a decision at all. This can be especially challenging for solopreneurs who are on their own and don’t have the accountability, the confidence or the expertise they need to make those decisions.

You might find yourself in this situation if you can’t wait to leave a job and you’ve been dreaming about a different future. You want to start your own business, however, as soon as you start thinking about taking action and the steps needed to get it done, suddenly you’re dragging and dragging on your decisions.

Equally, you might have a new product, but nothing is happening. You’re not moving forward. Perhaps you’re waiting to put up a website until everything is ready. You’re telling yourself, “my pitch is not quite ready, so I can’t network. I can’t talk about myself yet or my services, not at least until everything is just right.”

This is how analysis paralysis manifests and the truth is that space of ‘just right’ might never happen. Does this mean you never take action?

To keep yourself moving forward towards the dreams in your business, it’s important to be able to identify the signs of analysis paralysis. They are often simple small things, but when looked at collectively show that analysis paralysis is at play.

As a solopreneur it’s even more important to know how to identify them, because no one else is going to do it for you. You have to be your own investigator and your own cheerleader.


  • Overthinking – Spending too much time thinking about a decision without taking action or moving forward.
  • Procrastinating – Delaying taking action or making a decision because of fear of failure or making the wrong choice.
  • You’re worried about making mistakes – This is often displayed through a search for perfection – waiting till that service or that product is just perfect. Unfortunately though, this leads to over-analyzing and taking too long to make a decision.
  • A lack of focus – Are you easily distracted and unable to focus on a task or decision at hand? Sometimes, this can lead to a sense of overwhelm, by doing too many different things.
  • Doing many things and scattered in your actions – Taking action is still better than not doing anything, but sometimes people do a lot of other things to make them feel like they are actually doing something.

Doing too many things and being scattered in your actions is usually an unconscious compensation for a lack of confidence or certainty with your offering.

  • A sense of overwhelm – Overwhelm comes when you’ve been researching and consuming a lot of information, data, or feedback. There’s so much to take in that you struggle to make sense of it all or take action based on your findings.
  • Stuck in indecisiveness – Indecisiveness is linked to overwhelm. You might find you’re having difficulty making decisions or feeling unsure about a course of action.
  • Avoiding taking action – Are you always pushing a launch date further into the future? Avoiding decisions altogether or postponing them is a sure sign of analysis paralysis.
  • Experiencing self-doubt – Commonly, this when you feel unsure about your abilities and second-guess decisions that in another circumstance you know are sound. Self doubt also leads to over-analysis and overwhelm, both of which will slow progress.
  • Negative self-talk – Engaging in negative self-talk undermines confidence and your decision-making abilities. It stops you being brave enough to make the bold decisions you need to make in your business.
  • Over-researching – Excessive research without taking action or making decisions based on the information gathered is another form of procrastination, overwhelm and not taking action. You might be using ‘research’ as an excuse to not get started – you know? Being ‘busy’ but not really doing anything constructive towards your business.

Now I’m sure you’ve experienced some of the symptoms above. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly normal and you’re most definitely not alone. I’ve been there and most of my clients have been before I started working with them.

It’s easy to get yourself into analysis paralysis, but it’s also easy to get yourself out, just as long as you recognise the signs early enough and are committed to doing the work to get unstuck. It’s so important to avoid going too deep into analysis paralysis, because the longer you’re stuck, the more difficult it will be to get yourself out, and the more frustrated you’ll be with not taking action.

You could find yourself living with the sense that your business is dragging, rather than flourishing. That’s a really uncomfortable place to be because you start to get discouraged and all the dreams you had for your business start to fade away.

It becomes a vicious circle that can lead to burn out, complete discouragement, loss of confidence, and giving up on your dreams of financial independence, self fulfillment, personal growth and more.

If you think you’ve got a handle on analysis paralysis or believe that it’s not such a big deal, then you might not be aware that the costs to you and your business can be exceptionally high.


  • Time and money wasted – Over analyzing a situation can result in wasted time, leading to delays and missed deadlines, which can also lead to losing money.
  • Missed opportunities – When you are stuck in analysis paralysis, you may miss out on potential opportunities that come your way, such as new business ventures or partnerships and then also the things that come off that, like financial growth, personal growth and self fulfillment.
  • Delayed progress – Analysis paralysis leads to delayed progress in your business or personal life, as you spend too much time analyzing and not enough time taking action.
  • Regret – In some cases, analysis paralysis can lead to regret. When a decision is not made, it may lead to feelings of regret and missed opportunities. Time passes too fast and you lose the chance to jump at things that you would have once loved to try to achieve. Where did my life go?
  • Decreased confidence – When you are unable to make decisions or take action due to analysis paralysis, it can erode your confidence and make you doubt your abilities. You might even start to question much more than your business decisions.
  • Decreased productivity – When you spend too much time analyzing and not enough time actually getting things done, your productivity decreases significantly, which as a result can reduce your revenue.
  • Increased stress and anxiety and risk of burnout – The pressure to make the “perfect” decision can lead to increased stress and anxiety, which may negatively impact your overall well-being as well as your personal relationships.

When the potential impact is so devastatingly negative both professionally and personally, why would you not want to avoid analysis paralysis?

It’s critical to early identify the signs of it looming and even more importantly do something before you get properly stuck.

The scary thing is that you can stay stuck a long time – a year or two, even 5 years of regret and a sense of dread about a business you once loved and dreamed of nurturing.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.

I want to help you to avoid waiting so long before you do something about it. Really, don’t wait. It’s too important. You owe it to yourself to support the business dreams you had, to strive for them again and to live your purpose.


You might think that the ways to overcome analysis paralysis are complex, but they don’t need to be. Here are some simple actions you can take to avoid getting stuck.

  • Set clear goals and priorities – Identify your goals and prioritize them based on their importance and urgency. This will help you focus your efforts, make more informed decisions and commit to those decisions and timings.
  • Limit your options – When faced with too many options, it’s often helpful to narrow them down to a few viable choices. This can help you make a decision more easily. Even if you make a wrong choice, you’ve taken a step and shifted the energy of analysis paralysis.
  • Take action – Sometimes the best way to break out of analysis paralysis is to simply take action, even if it’s a small step. This helps build momentum and increase confidence in your decision-making abilities.
  • Seek for feedback – Talk to trusted colleagues, mentors, or friends about your decision or situation. This can provide you with valuable insights and help you gain a new perspective on the situation. It’s also a great opportunity to get you out of your own head and any ruminating you might be doing.
  • Set a deadline – Set a deadline and stick to it! A deadline helps you make a decision and take action. If you’re still struggling, tell someone else your deadline and ask them to keep you accountable. The fear of letting someone else down might work more strongly for you!
  • Practice self-compassion – Be kind to yourself and remember that making mistakes is a natural part of the learning process. Don’t be too hard on yourself and instead focus on what you can learn from the experiences. All the greatest entrepreneurs have made mistakes. Without them, they wouldn’t have refined their products and services to the successes that they are today.

Whilst understanding the ways to overcome analysis paralysis is important, in order for these solutions to work you need to understand where the paralysis comes from.

Without understanding what causes analysis paralysis, you’re likely to continue the same patterns of behavior that got you stuck in the first place.


Here are the most common reasons that lead solopreneurs to get stuck in analysis paralysis mode:

  • Fear of failure – The fear of failure can feed a fear of making a wrong decision. This leads to overanalyzing a situation and not making a decision at all. This is devastating because the fear of failure in fact may make it happen.
  • Lack of confidence – People might not trust their own judgment, which again leads to constant analyzing and seeking more information before making a decision. How can you take action if you don’t believe in those actions? Remember that confidence comes by doing not by thinking.
  • Perfectionism – A person might feel the need to make the perfect decision, leading them to analyze every detail and aspect of a situation. The problem with perfectionism is that ‘perfection’ is very rarely ever met.
  • Lack of clarity – This is probably the most common but also the most difficult symptom of analysis paralysis. It’s strangely counterintuitive too because often, the more we look for answers, the less clarity we get and the more confused we become. That struggle to have a clear picture of the right actions to take or even to define the right goals, is like trying to catch a feather in a windstorm. Stressful, unlikely to be 100% successful and leaves you huffing and puffing!

If any of this sounds familiar and you know you’ve been stuck for a while, it is important to get the help you need before you get totally discouraged and lose a lot of time and money!

This is where having the right support you need becomes really useful. Not only does it save you time, money and energy, but it helps you find the answers within. We often look externally for answers, but like that endless research and lack of clarity it can make things more confusing. This is where having the support of a business and marketing coach can be really beneficial, to guide and mentor you to find the answers within yourself.

And these are the best answers! Why? Because they are true to your purpose and desires, not other people’s interests or motivations.

As a business and marketing coach, it is important to support my clients in gaining clarity and defining the right action plan that is attainable and aligned with where they are in their journey.


Here are the benefits of a business and marketing coach by your side:

Objectivity and perspective – As a solopreneur, it can be difficult to see the big picture and make informed decisions when you’re so close to the situation. Working with a business coach like myself can provide an objective perspective on your business and help you see things from a different angle. I can help you gain clarity on your goals and priorities and identify any blind spots that may be holding you back.

Accountability and motivation – I know from our previous conversations that you’re a highly motivated and driven individual. However, when we’re on our own, it’s easy to get stuck in a cycle of overthinking and procrastination. As your coach, I can help you break that cycle and stay motivated and focused on taking action towards your goals. I’ll hold you accountable for making progress and help you stay on track.

Expertise and guidance – With my background and experience as a business coach, I have expertise in the areas that you need help with. I can provide guidance and support to help you make informed decisions and take action towards your goals. I’ll offer tools and resources to help you overcome analysis paralysis and make progress more quickly. Additionally, I can share my own experiences and insights to help you avoid common pitfalls and make the most of your strengths.

Customized solutions – Every entrepreneur is different, and there is no one-size-fits-all solution to analysis paralysis. As your coach, I’ll work with you to develop customized solutions that meet your specific needs and goals. We’ll identify your strengths and weaknesses and develop strategies to overcome any obstacles that may be holding you back. I’ll tailor our coaching sessions to your unique situation to ensure that you’re getting the most value from our work together.

Business & life alignment – As you may know I am all about making sure that your business works around your life priorities and not the other way around. Therefore, it’s important to have clarity on what are those priorities in your life. What are the other things that are happening in life that are interfering in your decision process and in your action process? When we align your life with your business, you suddenly have more space and more bandwidth to actually take action because you’re not worried if taking action here will not be a sacrifice on the other side.

Long-term success – By working with me as your business coach, you’ll learn how to implement solid foundations for your business for long-term sustainability and growth. And that’s also something that I’m really, really passionate about. You will get the guidance to implement a system that will allow you to be consistent and even if you need to pivot.

Getting the right help you need will help you develop the right mindset for growth, but also implement the right tools and strategies so that you can:

  1. Have the clarity you need to define clear goals
  2. Design an action plan that is attainable and aligned with your needs
  3. Stay accountable and find the personalized support you need along the way

If you’re interested, make sure to schedule a free introduction call with me where we’ll discuss your situation and we’ll see if I could be a good fit for you:

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If you are in that place where you feel you’ve been stuck for too long, overthinking and analyzing everything, I really hope that these tips have helped you identify why you might be stuck and what you can do about it!

And as all my clients can testify, you’re most definitely not alone if you find yourself stuck.

Make sure to share this blog too – especially if you know other people who might be stuck and who might need help to feel a bit more inspired to take action.

No matter where you are in your journey, let me help you to take action and turn your challenges into greater opportunities for growth!

I look forward to hearing what your biggest ah-ha moments were!