3 reasons that can stop you from bringing your business idea to life!

Business Idea

As an aspiring entrepreneur, you’ve probably had a potential business idea growing in your head for a long time now. Maybe you’ve carried this idea around for months or even years. But for some reason, you haven’t yet taken action on it.

Well, it’s time to get started!

If you aren’t sure your idea will work or you don’t feel confident about the next steps, it’s time to clear away the barriers that are preventing you from moving forward. Some of these common barriers are listed here. Do you recognize yours?

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1. You are not clear about your business idea and its foundations

  • Know your Ideal customer and focus on a niche! If you try to resonate with every single person, you’ll end up resonating with no one. Not every person in the world is a potential customer or client, so focus your attention only on those who can gain the most from your product or service. Learn how to find your niche here.
  • If your product will transform someone’s life or help someone reach their goals, be clear about what you can promise! Describe your business model in a way that reaches your target audience.
  • Research your market carefully and answer the following questions:
    • Who is your ideal customer?
    • Where is your ideal customer?
    • How can you turn this person into a buyer?
      • Know their pain points
      • Know what other options exist for them
      • Know what works and what does not. Set yourself apart in the marketplace!

Learn how to conduct a survey here.


“Focus on baby steps instead of getting overwhelmed with that big long term idea.”

2. You are struggling to carve out that time and commit to your project.

  • Make yourself a priority! You may be pulled in many directions by many responsibilities, but to create a business, you’ll need to set some of those things aside and focus time and attention on your goals. Learn more here.
  • Is this something you really want? If it is, you’ll need to make some changes!  But sometime you might struggle to define what you really want. If it is the case for you, check out these tips.
  • Stop making excuses! Take a close look at some of your barriers, and ask yourself: Is this a true barrier, or just an excuse to maintain the status quo and keep dreaming instead of acting?


Start first, perfect later!”


3. You are overthinking and waiting for the perfect moment.

  • The perfect moment may not ever arrive. And if you wait and wait and wait for it, you may never move forward. Instead, decide that the perfect moment is now…because it is! Overcome your fears and realize that this isn’t about you! Here are a few thoughts that can motivate you.
  • Push yourself out of your comfort zone! A small amount of risk can lead to big rewards. Consider taking a baby step first; for example, instead of leaping into your business, start by blogging for a while. As we discuss in Episode 95, “Start first, perfect later!”


Get out of your head!


  • Get out of your head! When you act instead of just overthinking, the answers will come to you. A little market research is necessary, but don’t become paralyzed. Take action!

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