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Are you a community leader, event manager, program designer, family officer, or HR and development manager?

Your mission is to engage your audience, deliver your organization's promise, show what your brand stands for and guide your community to reach its full potential.

I'm here to help you achieve this goal by sharing my professional and personal experiences through keynotes, panel discussions, workshops, and training programs.


Marketing strategies for greater visibility and business growth.

Alignment of business, purpose and lifestyle for small businesses.

Turning dual career challenges into a successful portable business.

Women empowerment through entrepreneurship.

Social impact and social entrepreneurship.

Entrepreneurship and personal growth.


Within these topics, I tailor my speaking engagements, workshops, and training programs to your specific needs (see examples below).

Whether it's a 30-minute session for hundreds of participants or an immersive six-month collaboration for a select group, whether it's offline, online, or a hybrid event, my primary goal is to provide your community not just with inspiration, but also with the CLARITY needed to TAKE ACTION.

Schedule a call to let me know more about what experience you want to create for your community and how I can help you:

Saliha Khanum

I used to think that I could not create a business and only people with certain credentials and lifestyle could do it. When I heard Amel speak I started believing that it was possible and went on a journey to commit to my vision despite all the highs and lows of life.

Sharoya Ham

Prior to hearing Amel speak, I could not see myself as a business owner. Amel helped me completely shift my perception and fears around entrepreneurship. I also got a clear framework to define my business and make sure that it is aligned with my lifestyle. Amel gave me the guts to believe I could do it, and I did it!

Annette Van der Feltz

Amel completely disrupted (in a good way) the comfortable path to “kind of somewhere” which I was happily skipping along. After her presentation, I did some major thinking as her insights helped me adjust my pitch to effectively reach new clients.

Cécile Cuvilliez

Sometimes there are encounters like this that happen at the right time, words that resonate in your head at important times. Amel’s presentation at the French Morning event helped me reflect on my journey and encouraged me to make myself a priority. I could finally put my vision into words and much more. I attended her speaking engagements three years in a row, and I got so much energy out of it each time. Amel is a real ray of sunshine.

Keynotes presentations and panels

“When you can sell ideas, you can change the world”

My personal story to entrepreneurship and social impact:

I share my story living in Uganda at age of fourteen that led me to launch my first social impact venture, fall in love with marketing, leave my family at age sixteen to move abroad and live on my own, start my career and then build the business I have today while living across four continents. I use my story as a thread to trigger mindset shifts and provide key tips for the audience to take action, bring their vision to reality and make the world a better place.

Depending on your audience and your needs, my keynotes and contributions to panel discussions can be adapted.

Schedule a call to discuss your specific needs.

Heidi Aichinger
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"We were lucky to have Amel as a speaker at the Forbes Women’s Summit in Vienna. She inspired our audience with her entrepreneurial journey living on various continents and fascinating stories of other women. Amel is truly on a mission to help people live up to their full potential and make a bigger impact in the world through entrepreneurship. We are so glad to have her in our Women@Forbes community."


Heidi Aichinger

Publisher at Forbes - German language edition


Here are some examples of workshops I delivered:

How to build the foundations of a profitable and sustainable business that is aligned with your needs.

How to gain visibility & become the go-to expert in your field.

How to turn your career challenges into a successful portable business that is aligned with your lifestyle.

Schedule a call to discuss your specific needs.

Kathrin Ebner

"Not only Amel has a vast knowledge on marketing and entrepreneurship, but she also really knows how to bring it across well and make it FUN! We had such great feedback from our participants. It was her passion and energy, also sharing her personal story and experience, that made the whole session very engaging. Our scholars will definitely benefit from this. It is evident that she really cares about what she does, which directly transmits in how she delivers her workshops."


Kathrin Ebner

Program Lead at the Ban Ki-moon Centre for Global Citizens

Training and mentoring programs

Here are some examples of programs that I delivered:

The Business Idea Accelerator™
From “no idea what to do” to defining a clear business idea that will allow your members to build their source of revenue and fulfillment.


The Portable Business Accelerator™
The all in one resource to help your members build the foundations of a successful business that is aligned with their lifestyle, and position themselves as the go-to expert in their field.


Schedule a call to discuss your specific needs.

Hildegarde Van de Voorde

"I was very happy to work with Amel for two years in a row. She adapted her training and coaching program to our members’ needs. It has been very successful in inspiring them but also guiding them in an effective way to find innovative ways of launching their portable businesses. I look forward to new projects with Amel in the near future. She is very professional and very dedicated to the projects she leads."


Hildegarde Van de Voorde - Family Officer

Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Kingdom of Belgium

Know more about me

Hi! This is Amel Derragui

I am a global citizen raised across various cultures. Since the age of fourteen, I have been passionate about entrepreneurship and social impact.

After a corporate career in sales and advertising, I launched my portable business as a marketing consultant for global organizations, which allowed me to move from one country to another and gave me more freedom with my time.

A few years later, I decided to share what I learned along the way and the methodology I developed for growing a business that aligns with your needs. My proven framework has since helped hundreds of solopreneurs and small business owners around the world start, grow or scale their businesses.

I've spoken at international stages for various organizations like Forbes, the World Food Program, and the Ban Ki-Moon Foundation, covering marketing, entrepreneurship, women's empowerment, and social impact topics.

If you're looking to inspire for action and help your community fulfill their potential, let's connect. I'm here to support you!

Amel Derragui speaking-3 phone

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